Custom Reporting

The number of custom reports I’ve written over the years must be in the thousands. Sometimes the report lives forever in a repository like SSRS, sometimes it is a once-off data analysis, and sometimes the report expands into a full-fledged application.

A title and escrow company I worked with needed a few custom reports that were not produced by their transactional system. The system used Crystal Reports natively, so I developed a set of additional reports that met their needs. This particular project required a daily process that summarized the data so that running the reports did not impact performance of the system when they were trying to close transactions.

A trucking company I worked with had a special method of calculating revenue breakdowns by trip. I developed a module that allowed them to define distances between terminals and then we used those custom measurements to override the standard calculation of the logistics software.

Skills: Business analysis, database design and development, reporting
Tools: SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, SSRS, Crystal Reports

Time and attendance system

A client was opening a new branch and doubling in staff size. Their payroll process was not scalable without adding another payroll employee. They needed a time and attendance system that would allow them to increase the efficiency of their payroll processes.

I led an evaluation of potential time and attendance solutions. The client selected the best fitting product, and I managed the implementation of the new solution. Payroll rules such as shift differentials, PTO accruals, and time off requests were all incorporated into the system. I also developed a tool to translate the timeclock data from the system into a format that could be uploaded into the client’s accounting system.

The second branch opened up with no additional payroll staff required, and the client continues to realize the benefits of an electronic time and attendance system to this day.

Skills: Project management, business analysis, systems integration
Tools: Timeforce time and attendance, SQL Server, MS Office VBA

Centralized POS Management

A growing client was experiencing several issues related to inconsistent POS setup across their locations:

1) Inconsistent pricing,
2) Missing products,
3) Incorrectly configured promotions and discounts, and
4) Training challenges for employees that worked at multiple locations.

I discovered that the POS vendor had a tool that would enable centralized management of the POS systems. I received training on the tool, implemented the tool, and managed the ongoing POS setups for the client.

Over time, the tool was deprecated without a suitable replacement. I built a solution to mimic the function of the tool so that the client could continue to manage their POS systems centrally.

Skills: Project management, POS configuration
Tools: Aloha QuickService POS, FTP, Windows batch scripting

ERP Selection & Implementation

ERP systems are complex, opaque, and expensive. Finding the right solution can be a challenge, and getting the system implemented successfully is not for the faint of heart. From McDonald’s in 2000 until now, I’ve worked on several projects of this nature over the years. I will admit though that I would only classify one of those efforts as successful.

In 2016 I led an ERP evaluation, selection and implementation project for one of my clients. We documented the solution requirements, solicited multiple vendors, evaluated each vendor’s offerings, and made the selection. Once selected I assisted with contract negotiation and acceptance. During implementation I acted as the internal project manager as well as the technical point-of-contact for integration support. Post-implementation I’ve provided additional application support, system integration support, and reporting assistance. It was not a perfect project, but it was nice for one of these big efforts to actually reach completion!

Skills: Project management, contract negotiation, business analysis, systems integration
Tools: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SQL Server, SSRS


A manufacturing client sold product through multiple large retailers such as Walmart and Costco as well as food distributors such as Associated Foods. Those large customers required my client to accept purchase orders and send invoices via EDI. We implemented an exchange through True Commerce, and in the process facilitated the implementation of major new retail channels for the customer.

Skills: Project management
Tools: EDI, QuickBooks


My non-profit client required an intranet that would allow them to share documents, policies, and other information across the company. We implemented Windows Sharepoint Services in 2006 as a cost-effective intranet that served the basic needs. If and when advanced capabilities were required we would have upgraded to Sharepoint Portal. That day never arrived, and the client continues to use Sharepoint Foundation today. The sunsetting of that product means we will be looking to move to either Sharepoint Online (Office 365) or another intranet solution.

Skills: Sharepoint implemention and administration, Sharepoint workflow design
Tools: Windows Sharepoint Services / Foundation


I’ve implemented multiple WordPress sites over the years…including this one. The ecosystem of plugins and themes makes getting a functional and well-designed website up and running a breeze. Of course, this ease of use does not preclude using the CMS for sophisticated and demanding sites.

One heavily customized WordPress site I implemented required a custom user registration and dashboard. Users (customers) needed to be able to manage their accounts, track their transaction history, and manage account funds. We required data exchange between an internal SQL Server database and the hosted MySQL database. Read more about this particular project…

On two other projects I implemented WordPress as an intranet solution. Besides the basic WordPress setup and configuration, these projects required me to build some custom plugins to facilitate file sharing and reporting.

Skills: Web development; Database design and administration

Tools: WordPress, PHP, MySQL

E-commerce Shopping Carts

Over the years I have implemented and/or managed the online shopping cart systems for several clients. Newer WordPress themes specifically designed to work with the WooCommerce platform have made this task much easier.

Skills: Web design and development; Basic image manipulation

Tools: WordPress, WooCommerce, Authorize.NET, X-Cart, Shopify