Time and attendance system

A client was opening a new branch and doubling in staff size. Their payroll process was not scalable without adding another payroll employee. They needed a time and attendance system that would allow them to increase the efficiency of their payroll processes.

I led an evaluation of potential time and attendance solutions. The client selected the best fitting product, and I managed the implementation of the new solution. Payroll rules such as shift differentials, PTO accruals, and time off requests were all incorporated into the system. I also developed a tool to translate the timeclock data from the system into a format that could be uploaded into the client’s accounting system.

The second branch opened up with no additional payroll staff required, and the client continues to realize the benefits of an electronic time and attendance system to this day.

Skills: Project management, business analysis, systems integration
Tools: Timeforce time and attendance, SQL Server, MS Office VBA