ERP Selection & Implementation

ERP systems are complex, opaque, and expensive. Finding the right solution can be a challenge, and getting the system implemented successfully is not for the faint of heart. From McDonald’s in 2000 until now, I’ve worked on several projects of this nature over the years. I will admit though that I would only classify one of those efforts as successful.

In 2016 I led an ERP evaluation, selection and implementation project for one of my clients. We documented the solution requirements, solicited multiple vendors, evaluated each vendor’s offerings, and made the selection. Once selected I assisted with contract negotiation and acceptance. During implementation I acted as the internal project manager as well as the technical point-of-contact for integration support. Post-implementation I’ve provided additional application support, system integration support, and reporting assistance. It was not a perfect project, but it was nice for one of these big efforts to actually reach completion!

Skills: Project management, contract negotiation, business analysis, systems integration
Tools: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SQL Server, SSRS