I think of IT as having three sides - Business, Infrastructure, and Applications. I'm primarily Business focused meaning my core skills are in project management and business analysis. I want to know what makes your business tick, and then design and implement solutions to your pressing issues. My technical skills are in database design and development...I'm a data geek. I do some light programming, and I've work with a team of developers I work with to do serious application programming when needed. Servers and firewalls and printers and anything else with blinky lights are someone else's domain.

Off-the-shelf Software

I can help you through the software evaluation, selection, and procurement process. Then I can get the software implemented and your staff trained.

Custom Software

When OTS software just won't work, I can pull together a team of internal staff and external contractors to define and build the solution you need.


Using tools that you probably already have, I can automate many of the manual, repetitive tasks that take up your valuable time.


Your data is in your applications, but the software makes it hard to access or integrate. I can get that data to you in a format you can use and understand.