Loyalty Program

A regional food service business competing in local markets against a dominant global corporation required a loyalty program to keep pace in the industry. Without the deep pockets of the mega-corporation we faced some technical limitations on what we could do. But we designed a program that matched the significant features of the competitor while giving my client an unrivaled platform to speak to their customer base.

I was responsible for building the technical components of the program. This consisted of:

1) POS integration for reward and promotional redemption,
2) A website portal for loyalty member registration and account management,
3) Database processing of daily sales and membership information,
4) Platform for transactional and marketing campaign communications via both email and SMS,
5) An internal CRM tool for customer support,
6) Financial processing of member card reloads, and
7) Reporting and analysis tools.

Skills: Project management, business analysis, database design and development, systems integration, web development, data analysis
Tools: SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, C#, WordPress, PHP, javascript, Twilio, Mandrill / MailChimp, Authorize.net, SSRS, SSAS, Excel