Recipe Management

A food service operator had the following 3 significant goals on their radar:

1. Enable daily calculation of cost-of-sales,
2. Enable regular calculation of raw product usage (as an input to perpetual inventory calculations), and
3. Enable the management of product nutritional information.

In order to accomplish all of those things, the company needed first to be able to manage the recipe associated with all the products they sold in their stores. I built an application that integrated with (1) their Inventory Management solution to get the raw products and costs and (2) their point of sale system to get their finished products sold in stores. With those two inputs I was able to give them the tools to build all the recipes and to automatically calculate the actual recipe costs based on raw product prices. We also enabled the users to input the nutritional information for the raw products and then the system automatically calculates the nutritional information for the final products.

Skills: Business analysis, systems integration, web application development, database design and development
Tools: SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC / C#