Custom Reporting

The number of custom reports I’ve written over the years must be in the thousands. Sometimes the report lives forever in a repository like SSRS, sometimes it is a once-off data analysis, and sometimes the report expands into a full-fledged application.

A title and escrow company I worked with needed a few custom reports that were not produced by their transactional system. The system used Crystal Reports natively, so I developed a set of additional reports that met their needs. This particular project required a daily process that summarized the data so that running the reports did not impact performance of the system when they were trying to close transactions.

A trucking company I worked with had a special method of calculating revenue breakdowns by trip. I developed a module that allowed them to define distances between terminals and then we used those custom measurements to override the standard calculation of the logistics software.

Skills: Business analysis, database design and development, reporting
Tools: SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, SSRS, Crystal Reports