Total Offender Management

My client is a private correctional facility that offers transitional programs for offenders. They also offer community based programs such as misdemeanor probation, community service, electronic monitoring, and drug and alcohol testing. The programs offered by this company require a significant amount of documentation and tracking, and the client is required to be able to prove compliance with federal, state and local contracts.

Starting in 2008, I led an initiative to develop in-house software that would enable the client to manage all aspects of their operations related to the offenders. I was the project manager and business analyst for the project, and the client provided subject matter experts from across the organization to provide requirements. I hired and managed several contracted resources over 16 months to build the initial application, which went live in April 2009. Since 2009 I have managed ongoing enhancements to the system.

The project has been so successful that all pre-release centers in Montana now use the system. In 2018 we implemented a full-time development team in order to fast-track an ever growing list of desired improvements.

Skills: Project Management; Business Analysis; Quality Assurance; Database design, development, administration; Report development

Tools: ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, C#, Azure (VMs, SQL Database, App Services), javascript, jQuery, Subversion, Bugzilla