Inventory Management

A growing retail operator required a solution that would simplify the inventory ordering process for their corporate operated stores and external accounts. Instead of managers calling their orders into home office and having someone there key the information into the distributor’s system manually, they wanted to streamline the process so that managers could submit the orders directly to the distributor.

We built an online ordering website that sync’d with the distributors warehouse management system. Products and prices were extracted from the WMS to the website, and orders submitted online were loaded directly into the WMS. We were also able to use the new up-to-the-minute product and pricing information to improve the accuracy of cost of sales reporting.

The original WMS was QuickBooks; the distributor changed WMS in 2014 and we were able to update the integration with no impact to end users. Currently, we are in the process of using the order information as one of the inputs to a perpetual inventory calculation.

Skills: Business analysis, systems integration, web services, database management
Tools: SQL Server, ASP.NET / C#, QuickBooks / NECS Entree WMS