In 2008 I was working with a client to improve their employee scheduling process. What worked fine for a handful of locations was quickly becoming unmanageable as they continued to grow. We evaluated the scheduling package from the POS vendor and found it cumbersome, inaccurate, and lacking in basic functions. At the time, there were no widely known cloud based solutions for scheduling. I saw an opportunity and built Schedappy to meet my customer’s needs as well as provide a business opportunity for myself.

Schedappy focuses on making employee scheduling simple. It doesn’t have every feature in the book, but the program runs well and I have a customer base that has stuck with me for years. If I were interested in business development it is a tool that could be scaled up and marketed broadly around the country.

You can find Schedappy online here: Schedappy Staff Scheduling

Skills: Project management, business analysis, web development
Tools: ASP.NET, C#, jQuery / javascript, SQL Server