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Get the most from your technology12 Sep

As an example of fully leveraging your technology, I’d like to share a story about one of my clients.

I have a client that is a food service chain with about 10 locations. They had purchased and implemented the Aloha QuickService Point of Sale system from Radiant Systems. Stores were then setup on Radiant’s service. That service pulls sales data from the stores and allowed them to view consolidated reports online, schedule alerts for conditions such as high labor, and even drill down to transaction level information. It’s really a nice service for a reasonable monthly charge per store.

But the online report builder was not flexible enough to reproduce this client’s more complex reporting needs. A brief conversation with’s outstanding support team yielded a great solution. runs off of SQL Server. So they are able to replicate the same data that their online system uses into an internal instance of SQL Server. The client purchased a license for SQL Server 2005, I worked with and my client’s infrastructure support to get the replication setup, and I used SQL Server Reporting Services to rebuild their core reports and prototype some dashboard style reports.

The benefits here are just starting to get realized. Store managers would fax in reconciliation sheets every morning with the previous day’s sales and cash deposits. That’s not necessary anymore. Store managers print out payroll reports every pay period and fax them into payroll. That can be eliminated since the timesheet data in now already in-house.

Remember, the replication is available at no additional cost. The client was already paying for it just to get the stores on the polling service. By replicating the data internally, the client has vastly superior capabilities and incredible flexibility to do their own reporting and integration.

And there’s more! Also included in the standard monthly charge is a service called Centralized Data Management (CDM). This allows central control of POS setup at all the stores. Simply make any changes on the corporate workstation, and they’re automatically pushed out to the stores. Voila! Every store is now setup with the right menu items at the right prices.

We just did a price change and it took 2 hours to setup and push out to all the stores. That’s longer than it would usual take because the changes were rolled out to half the stores one week followed by the rest the following week. But compare that to faxing out the new price list to all the stores, store managers taking (at least) 30 minutes each to make the changes, and hoping that all the changes were made consistently.

Again, no additional cost to do this. Just making the effort to learn the capabilities of your technology and get them implemented.

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