WiFi in Billings, Montana?22 Sep

If you haven’t heard, Bresnan Communications is setting up a WiFi network in downtown Billings (Gazette article, InfoWeek article). I think this is an interesting experiment, especially in our normally behind the times town. The targeted area includes the medical corridor, downtown office buildings, and the revitalized art/business district on Montana Ave.

I know of at least 3 free hotspots in the area, but I’m still happy to have the option. Of course, I’m a Bresnan customer. Those living in the area who aren’t may be less enthusiastic when Bresnan someday announces how much the service will cost for non- subscribers.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen the project publicly funded. There’s a big push in Billings to improve the appeal of downtown, draw companies to locate down here, and increase the non-work activities available. A county/city sponsored service with sponsorship by the businesses in the Downtown Billings Association would have better served the people of Billings.

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