About Me

*** If you’re here because you read about me on Forbes, please read this post about why I’m disappointed with that article. ***

Granite Peak Systems is an information technology consulting firm located in Billings, MT. Tom Rupsis is the president, founder and owner of the firm as well as its sole employee.

Working with small to mid-size companies in the Billings area, I focus on delivering what I refer to as “high-impact” technology solutions. This means that I seek projects that quantifiably help your company accelerate growth, reach defined business goals, or manage the growth you already have underway. Many small, lower budget projects meet this standard by greatly improving the efficiency of a process or opening up an additional revenue stream.

Contact Me

Granite Peak Systems, LLC
PO Box 80892
Billings, MT 59108
Tel: 406-672-8292
Email: trupsis@granitepeaksys.com


Since 2007, I have funded a Kiva account in recognition of my clients. Whenever I get a new client, or find a microloan that relates to the industries my clients serve, I contribute to the account. You can see my lender profile here: