Outstanding Remote Support Tool13 Jan

I know this isn’t my normal domain, but I’ve recently started using a tool that I just have to recommend. Copilot is a remote support tool built by Fog Creek Software. It makes reaching out to work on someone’s desktop as painless as it really can be.

To start a remote support session, you simply login to your account on the Copilot website and enter the person’s email address. Then you click a button to install a little application and the other person clicks the link in their email. Within seconds you are viewing their desktop and able to work on their machine just like you were there.

I don’t generally do desktop support so I’ve signed up for the pay-as-you-go plan. This only costs me $0.25 per minute. There are also unlimited use plans starting at $19.95/month. Those plans allow you to setup computers you might regularly access with one-click access so you don’t have to get a new access code every time.If you ever need to access remote computer, I’d highly recommend giving Copilot a try.

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