Free WiFi at Starbucks?31 Oct

Ina Sebastian at Jupiter Research wrote about a ComputerWorld prediction that Starbucks will evenutally offer free WiFi service.  Personally, I avoid Starbucks in favor of coffee shops that offer free connections.  My guess is that Starbucks has found this to be a popular stance.  I believe free WiFi will become expected and that SMBs will be able to offer real value to their customers through creative use of this connectivity. 

Question: You run a destination type SMB like Starbucks.  How do you use the WiFi service you are offering them to build a community of your customers?  Do you allow them to engage each other a la Facebook or MySpace?  Do you give them the opportunity to "speak" to you directly?

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  1. A Harbour in the Tempest

    Found you through Kiva. Nice blog.

    I LOVE Starbucks. I mean I LOVE Starbucks. But I frequent another coffee shop/cafe that offers free WiFi.

    On the weekends, I go to Starbucks from my Venti Latte. But then I’ll go to the other place and work (I order a pastry and then an early lunch). They overlook my Starbucks infraction in exchange for the food purchase.

    If Starbucks offered free WiFi, I’d stay at Starbucks.

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