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I started consulting in the summer of 2006. I built a website and put all kinds of elaborate descriptions of what I do on it. Never said the word “I”…always “we”. Have to sound big, right? Well, I finally realized that I’m not interested in getting big and hiring lots of people into the firm. I’d rather stay small and use contractors when necessary. So my new site focuses on what I do, what I’m interested in, and how I think I can help companies in my area. This blog is a big part of that.

The site’s built using WordPress. A free content management system that is virtually plug and play. I’d never setup a WordPress site before, so I figured this should be a good experiment that puts me in my clients’ shoes.

I use 1&1 for hosting. The install was four easy steps: Create the MySQL database, Download the WordPress package, Customize the wp-config file with the database details, and upload the site to 1&1. Well, five steps really. The first was a quick Google search to find this extremely helpful post on

I decided I liked the 3 column layout which WordPress didn’t seem to do out of the box. So I found a K2 modification that allowed me to do it.

Signed up as an Amazon Associate so I could get commissions from everyone buying books linked on my site. Ha!

The Lijit search widget is both enticing and frustrating. It can show popular searches, but I can’t seem to override the 1.4em line spacing from their stylesheet. I don’t want that thing taking over the whole sidebar, so it’s restricted for now. And the darn Explore link doesn’t seem to ever generate anything. Maybe as the blog starts getting read…

Finally, the thing that seemed like it should be a little easier. Google Ads. I wanted to do this just to learn how it’s done. Certainly don’t expect any real revenue to be generated! But I have to manually insert the script in the Edit Theme module of WordPress. Of course, now I wish I had run across this article on the best AdSense plugins for WordPress. Maybe I’ll have to go back and check some of them out when I get some time.

So, that’s the site. A decent starting point for $0 and a few hours of work. What do you think?

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Since 2007, I have funded a Kiva account in recognition of my clients. Whenever I get a new client, or find a microloan that relates to the industries my clients serve, I contribute to the account. You can see my lender profile here: