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It’s commonly stated these days that technology is capable of leveling the playing field between small and large businesses. Witness the growing reliability of managed services providers, the availability of low cost hosted services like, the increasing capabilities of open source tools, and even the propagation of pseudo-programming tools like InfoPath.

I live in Billings, Montana, and the market here is all small business. Billings is a town of about 100k people, but there are only 50 or so companies with more than 100 employees! So when you do what I do, in a market like this, you need to stay tuned into low cost options that will allow our small businesses to compete when national players move in.

I intend to use this forum to talk about technology solutions specifically geared towards companies in the SMB market. It’s tough to nail down what SMB really means. But for the sake of argument, I’ll just say anything from 10-250 employees or up to about $20MM annual revenue.

I also have a special interest in how the Web 2.0 technologies are making their way into the enterprise. Personally, I think that topic is right in line with the SMB solutions. Smaller, more agile companies are always looking for ways to market themselves or streamline their operations. So they’re ripe candidates to adapt the “Web 2.0″ type tools.

Finally, as all of us in this field are doing, I’m learning a ton every day. I’ll share some of these things as we go along as well. I’m no super-coder, but hopefully the stuff I learn will be useful to you as well.

Oh, and I want to share information about the state of technology in Billings. And what you should know if you’re thinking of moving to this beautiful place called Montana. And, other stuff I run across that’s amusing, informative, useful or odd. And…

I’m sure this will evolve. Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!

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